Paying a little is much more expensive in credits

How many times have you heard ” to pay a little “? Unfortunately this advertising trick, because it is just that, a trick, results in smaller payments, but that accumulate so that the total debt is much higher . That is, if you obtained $ 1,000 dollars, you will probably be paying $ 100 dollars per month, yes it is a small payment in fact, but what is not clear is that you will pay those $ 100 dollars for at least 24 months , therefore of the $ 1,000 dollars that You got, you’ll end up paying $ 2,400 dollars. It is time to prevent that from happening and find a better loan.

Why should you stop this bad trick? Because with a larger loan it is quite dangerous for a person requesting a loan, because although the monthly payments are ” small “, the total debt results in an amount that can be increased if there is any delay in payments.


What should I do if I have such a credit?

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The first thing is Find a better option .

“I realized that I do not have to continue paying dearly for a loan, I found Lubo.financiero and they helped me to have a better offer for having a good credit history . With this I have managed to do much more with my money, many people I don’t realize that it is possible to pay less, the truth is that I needed to pay 25 thousand dollars, and with Lubo I consolidated to pay now 18 thousand, they saved me 7 thousand dollars, so I am saving much more

It is very important to truncate the thought that ” small payments ” are cheaper, because in the long run your money will be spent and not invested, you will end up paying much more than what you borrowed. Therefore, it is safest to consolidate debts.   Find a loan that, while the monthly payments could be greater than $ 100 dollars, the total balance will be less and you will save money on your loan.


Where can I get a fair loan?

Where can I get a fair loan?

Online loans are an excellent option because of their speed, ease and flexibility . They are the only loans that allow you to select the term that best suits you, as well as the amount and the temporality of your payments (monthly, biweekly, fourteen or weekly), in addition, being online loans, you will not have to go to any branch, neither will you have to waste time in ranks or in useless bureaucracy.

The online loans respond to the current need of the borrowers, setting aside the intermediary and making the experience particularly beneficial for those who are requesting a loan. And online loans also have an advantage, they allow you   !SAVE MONEY!   very quickly and very simply.

In the end, the most important thing is to put aside everything that appears to be “to pay a little” and start to really save on loans. In the next 5 minutes you will know if you have your pre-approval.

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